1.Composite polyether(141b series、Cyclopentane series)
2.Actual sample for high pressure spray painting
3.Import and exprot trade
4.Color steel corrugated sheet
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  >>>What safety precautions should be noted when composite polye-ther products are used
When composite polyether is in use,a pair of clean rubber gloves ,eye protective glasses,clean water-proof clothes or newly-washed protective clothes should be worn.The gloves should be replaced reg-ularly,the working environment should be well-ve-ntilated and equipment should be checked regularly and kept clean.After operation is over,a complete cleaning should be done.

  >>>Are composite polyether products toxic
 In the formula of composite polyether,there are low concentration of additives,such as catalyst.Toxicity of polyol composition is low.

  >>>How should it be coped with in case composite polyether conta-cts with the skin
 In case composite polyether contacts with the skin,the infected part should be rinsed completely with s-oap and water.Consult a doctor in case the sense of stimulation still exists.

  >>>How should it be coped with incase composite polyether conta-cts with the eyes
 In case composite polyether contact with the eyes,r-inse the eyes with water for at least 15 minutes before consulting a doctor.

  >>>What is the packing specification of composite polyether
 Our composite polyether products are packed in iron drums,200kg/drum,Plastic barrel 1000kg / barrel.

  >>>What are the points for attentions for storage of composite polyether products
 They should be stored in a dry and well-ventilated place with the temperature of 10-25℃,kept away from sunshine and rain.the storage period is 6 m-onths.
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